Visit La Rochelle in a Chauffeur Driven 2 CV

Embark on the mythical 2CV for unforgettable memories

Join us the time of one hour, a half day or a day to discover La Rochelle and Charente Maritime aboard the legendary 2CV!

Coastal Treasures Circuit

Settle into ‘Echappée Deuche’ for a day filled with the discovery of the rich historical and maritime heritage of Rochefort, Port des Barques, Brouage, Marennes, and Cayenne harbour with its oyster-farmers’ huts; without forgetting the medieval castle of Saint-Jean-d’Angles...

Leave for a day-long escapade departing from Aunis to Saintonge; from the historical heritage to the birds’ marshland paradise, from the leisure boats to the Hermione.


An outstanding visit riding in the beautiful 2 cv ‘Echappée Deuche’ that will take you to the most symbolic and unusual places of La Rochelle and on to the marshlands of Yves and Voutron.


In Rochefort, discover the 17th century military architecture in the Place Colbert, Arsenal, Corderie Royale, and the dry docks.

It is no longer possible to cross the Charente via the aerial ferry bridge, no cars can cross it anymore, not even a 2 cv, but you will admire it. Reaching the left bank by the Martrou Bridge, in the direction of Port des Barques where the Marquis de La Fayette embarked for America.


After having been through Moëze, cross through the Brouage marshlands, the storks’ paradise to discover, as you go round one of the many bends the stronghold Brouage.

Stop for a lunch break in a restaurant that we can recommend for its quality products (not included) or delight in a carefully prepared home-made picnic made with regional products (consult us for prices).


After this break, the beautiful 2 cv ‘Echappée Deuche’ will set off to Marennes, oyster capital, and Cayenne harbour.


Following alongside the Seudre returning to the hinterland and discovery of the Saintonge villages, Roman churches, Saint-Jean- d'Angles Castle and Trizay Abbey. This circuit can be made from different points along the way.


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