Visit La Rochelle in a Chauffeur Driven 2 CV

Embark on the mythical 2CV for unforgettable memories

Join us the time of one hour, a half day or a day to discover La Rochelle and Charente Maritime aboard the legendary 2CV!

Unusual discovery tour of La Rochelle

Join us for one or two hours to discover the streets full of history of La Rochelle ...

Settle into the beautiful 2CV ‘France 3’ and enjoy being navigated through the heart of La Rochelle’s historical treasures, testimony to its rich past. Discover the city’s major symbols dating back to medieval times: the Chain Tower and St. Nicolas Tower, from the Lantern Tower to the Great Clock Tower Gate, as well as some half- timbered and slate houses in the rue des Merciers, rue du pas du Minage.


If the weather is warm, you can make the most of France 3’s open-top to enjoy the splendour of the ornate stone facades with their Renaissance and 17th century sculptures: the Town Hall, Henry II’s house, the beautiful houses in the rue du Minage, Fountain of the Pilori and Old City Gates.


You will love the simplicity and nobility of the ship-owners’ private residences and the 18th century houses that are concentrated in the rue Pernelle, rue Reaumur, rue Fleuriau and rue de l’Escale, as well as other 18th century monuments such as Saint Louis’ Cathedral, the Law Courts and Stock Exchange.


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